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Boys' & Girls' Cross Country

Welcome to the CHSCA Cross Country Page

Boys' Cross Country Chair:
Paul Smith
Girls' Cross Country Chair:
Travis Gale
2023 Cross Country All-State Banquet
Wednesday, 11/29/2023
Aqua Turf Club-Kays Pier North
Doors Open: 5:30PM/Event Begins: 6:30PM


Purchase photos of the CHSCA All-State Teams

Congratulations to the 2023 CHSCA Cross Country

All-State Teams!



BXC Class S 23 WEB.jpg
BXC Class SS 23.jpg
GXC Class S 23 WEB.jpg
GXC Class SS 23.jpg
BXC Class M 23 WEB.jpg
BXC Class MM 23 WEB.jpg
BXC Class L 23 WEB.jpg
BXC Class LL 23 WEB.jpg
GXC Class M 23 WEB.jpg
GXC Class MM 23 WEB.jpg
GXC Class L 23 WEB.jpg
GXC Class LL 23 WEB.jpg

2022 Cross Country Banquet Coverage

Purchase pictures of the Boys' XC
All-State Teams!

Purchase pictures of the Girls' XC
All-State Teams!

2022 CHSCA Cross Country All State Teams
Boys Class LL 22.png
Boys Class MM 22.png
Girls Class LL 22.png
Girls Class MM 22.png
Boys Class L 22.png
Boys Class S 22.png
Girls Class L 22.png
Girls Class SS 22.png
Boys Class M 22.png
Boys Class SS 22.png
Girls Class M 22.png
Girls Class S 22.png
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