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John J. Fontana 

December 4, 1934-October 21, 2019

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Throughout his wonderful life, John Fontana positively impacted the lives of countless people.  Whether as coach, teacher, colleague, family member or friend, one thing is for sure: If John knew you, he cared about you and always had your best interest in mind. Any time spent with John was time well spent as he was so adept at imparting wisdom and insight, giving you reason to laugh or smile, and let’s be honest, you were never going to escape his company without a story, or two. Amongst family and friends, these stories have grown into folklore, but they’ve also served as a vehicle to help those closest to him gain a better understanding into the many and varied ways he enriched the lives of all those he encountered along his beautiful journey. While John’s legacy is firmly intact and the impact of his life’s work will be felt for generations to come, we are hoping to compile as many stories as we can to allow his beloved grandchildren to be able to better get to know the incredible person they affectionately call “Pop-Pop.”

So, any story you might have, we ask you to share it with us. Whether it be something he said to you that stuck with you forever or a simple laugh you shared, there’s no story not worth sharing as they will not only provide our family with some much needed comfort during this difficult time, but they will also ensure that his grandchildren will be able to know and love him just as he loved them. John has often been referred to as a Legend, and as we all know, ‘Legends never die.’ 


Please e-mail your stories and memories to


Thank you!  

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