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Important Update


We want to advise our Athletic Directors, Individual Coaches and Associate Coaches of several modifications, changes, and new initiatives for in the 2022-23 school year.  The online membership registration will be open August 16. 2023


  • CHSCA membership year will now be September 1 to August 31.  This was recommended by several athletic directors. Our 2022-23 membership will expire on August 31, 2023.  All coaches that were members during the 2022-23 membership year will have their membership extended one month. Previously, the membership year ran from August 1 to July 31.


  • School sponsored membership cost will be $35.00 per coach beginning September 1, 2023.  This increase is tied directly to the costs of doing business.  IMPORTANT - The 2024-25 AD submitted school membership dues will increase to $40.00.  Please plan accordingly.


  • Individual membership cost will be $40.00 for the 2022-23 membership year.  This membership can only be processed online @


  • Each school (through the AD) that registers a minimum fifteen (15) coaches before October 20, 2023, will receive one (1) complimentary membership (for that year) for each 15 coach memberships registered and paid.  Simply put, for each 15 paid memberships, each school will receive one free membership.  Please keep in mind that these individuals must a certified educator/coach and a member of your high/middle school staff. 


  • Seasonal Membership Closing Dates - Each sport season now has a closing date for coaches to become members.  As you know, Head Coaches must be a member to participate in all CHSCA privileges and benefits (i.e., nominating student-athletes, voting for All State, All Academic, scholarship programs, etc., etc.).  The membership participation deadline for each sport season is detailed below. 

  • Fall Season - October 20, 2023, at 11:59 pm

  • Winter Season - January 13, 2024, at 11:59 pm

  • Spring Season - April 21, 2024, at 11:59 pm

Please understand, that if you do not have a membership by the dates listed above you will not be able to nominate and/or vote for any post-season honor.  These dates were put into place for a variety of very valid reasons that I would be happy to articulate to you privately.  The creation of this policy and dates was developed for coaches by coaches.

Membership Introduction

     The designation of ‘Coach’ means you are a member of a very elite group of individuals in this country, responsible for the well-being, education, sports development, and trust of nearly six million young men and women participating in high school sports at some 22,000 high schools.

     The Connecticut High School Coaches Association, for nearly 60 years, has been the backbone of the state’s coaches. It has dedicated itself to enhancing, upgrading and staying in front of the complex problems existing in education today. Through its efforts, the CHSCA is recognized as one of the premier state associations in the country.

     Why should a man or woman coaching in Connecticut belong to the CHSCA? The reasons are many. Let us begin by assuming you would like to have a voice in your profession. You would like to be heard on issues affecting the sport you coach, be informed on the attitudes and situations affecting your colleagues across the country. Of course, we realize your time is valuable and the demands upon you are many, but for those who find a few more precious hours, their input into the CHSCA is valuable for all.

     Let us recognize some of the values of belonging to the CHSCA and what membership does for coaches and athletes in this state, namely: All-State teams and banquets, All-Star games, Coach of the Year recognition both on a state and national level and sports representation on all CIAC committees. To stay ahead of the national and local problems facing teacher/coaches, the CHSCA retains a full-time lobbyist in Hartford and a marketing professional.

     There are still more benefits for you, the coach, as a member of the CHSCA. Membership gives you a one million dollar liability insurance policy, which is in addition to your school teacher’s contract. For those who have coached for 30 years or more, a special Gold Membership is given. The CHSCA is working very hard with key legislators to have coaches’ salaries included in your retirement figures. This proposed legislation is currently being studied. What will be relevant when this legislation is passed will be the total number of members in the CHSCA at the time.

     We have tried to outline for you the importance of being a member of the CHSCA. We know you will feel as we do, not being a member of this group leaves you on the outside instead of the inside where you can be seen and heard.  

CHSCA Membership Benefits

  1. Eligible for Connecticut High School Coaches Association Hall of Fame.

  2. Eligible for CHSCA Coach of the Year selection  

  3. Eligible to nominate players for academic All-State

  4. Eligible for National High School Hall of Fame

  5. Eligible for National High School Coach of the Year

  6. Eligible to nominate any of your players for All-State

  7. Eligible to nominate any of your players for All-Star game participation

  8. Eligible to vote for All-State player in your sport

  9. Eligible for Gold Pass upon retirement

  10. Eligible to coach in any state All-Star game

  11. You have the opportunity to nominate your assistant coach for Assistant Coach of the Year

  12. You have the opportunity to vote on surveys dealing with your sport changes or rule changes

  13. Eligible to serve on CIAC /CHSCA sports committees

  14. Eligible to serve on any national high school board or sports committee

  15. Coverage by our outstanding "liability" insurance coverage.

  16. Eligible to nominate players for CHSCA $1,000.00 scholar/athlete scholarship

Membership - Join Now

     There seems to be a misinterpretation by some people about the ruling on Head Coaches being members of the Connecticut High School Coaches Association. This rule has been discussed many times and after many years of the debate was finally brought up to a vote. To align with the rest of the coaching organizations in other states, the CHSCA has made it mandatory for head coaches to be members of the CHSCA in order to participate in CHSCA sponsored activities.

     The CHSCA was organized to serve coaches and student-athletes. The CHSCA recognizes athletes and coaches with many programs and awards no matter the level of coaching. The state of Connecticut offers much more than any other state. The million-dollar liability insurance policy alone should be reason enough to join the coaches' organization. The majority of other states demand membership based on this alone.

     We now have a little more than 100 school systems that pay for their coaches. However, due to budget constraints, this may not be possible at your school. The CHSCA encourages more schools to take this step as a benefit to all of their coaches especially since our dues are only $30 per year including the insurance coverage. This membership issue is simple. In the past we had head coaches, assistant coaches and athletes being honored in programs sponsored by the CHSCA. We emphasize that by not belonging to the CHSCA we are only taking away the privileges of the head coach. As an example, if a coach is not a member and his or her athlete places in the state meet qualifying for All-State WE DO NOT TAKE THIS AWAY OR DENY THE ATHLETE THAT HONOR. The non-member coach who has to vote on All-State players will not get that opportunity. The non-member head coach has NO PRIVILEGES.            Some have said we are punishing youngsters, but please remember within the organization for as little as $30, the coach and his program become part of everything the CHSCA provides. When you think the CHSCA is punishing student-athletes, think of the following: if a school system does not pay dues and doesn’t become a member of the CIAC, the school would not be able to take part in state tournaments. We are no different in serving our member coaches than the CIAC or any other state organization.

     The CHSCA supports the coaches in our state. It was the driving force behind coaches' recertification, the due process legislation bill, All-State banquets, All-Star football at a college stadium, the CHSCA Hall of Fame at Rentschler Field and so much more. We honor the achievements of the athletes, coaches, and assistant coaches. We need the support of all the coaches to be able to service all of the athletes and coaches in our state.

This was written to clarify the reasons why the rule of head coach membership is so important. The CHSCA is one of the strongest and most influential coaching organizations in the country. As in all organizations, we stand by our membership. We recognize excellence in athletes, coaching and playing. We nominate coaches for All-Star games, provide liability insurance, our members serve on committees, and vote for All-State and All-Star athletes. Lastly, they participate in surveys to improve individual sports and coaching as a whole and much more.

     This rule was put into effect during the 2006-2007 school year knowing that it might take one full year to get the full implementation. It is the hope that all schools will eventually take the responsibility to pay for their coaches’ membership and/or encourage their coaches to be part of this fine organization.

Attention All Varsity Coaches

Take notice! 
To have the right to vote for CHSCA All-State selections or to nominate players for CHSCA Senior All-Stars and more –

You must be a current member of the Connecticut High School Coaches Association

If you are not a member for the current school year, join now to gain all CHSCA benefits.  

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