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Mission Statement

The CHSCA mission is to advance member coaches by providing resources, professional development, quality members services, and recognition opportunities with the purpose of enhancing their overall performance as coaches, mentors, and leaders. Through our member coaches, student-athletes will pursue their academic, athletic, and community responsibilities with the confidence to lead successfully.



Article I – Name: The Connecticut High School Coaches Association

1-1. The purpose of this Association shall be to:

a. establish and maintain the highest ideals of professionalism for all members of the interscholastic athletic community;

b. provides a unified, professional organization for all members of the interscholastic athletic community in Connecticut;

c. cooperate with the officers and executive committees of the ClAC and CAAD to advance the common goal of fostering sound and equitable competitive experiences for Connecticut's interscholastic athletes while seeking to maximize educational benefits, that can be accrued;

d. Infuse within the various competitive interscholastic experiences safeguards to foster the spirit of sportsmanship, honesty, fair play and friendly, positive, professional relations among coaches, principals, officials, athletic directors, trainers, athletes and students;

e. offer the membership the opportunity to upgrade skills by providing clinics, seminars, publications and other appropriate professional development material;

f. provide a vehicle through which members of the interscholastic athletic community may enhance their competencies, better serve their constituents and improve athletics.

Article II – Membership

2-1. Regular membership is available to paid and volunteer middle/high school coaches that:

  1. Possess a Valid Connecticut Coaching Permit or Athletic Director recognition

  2. Are eligible or are currently coaching in Connecticut (middle/high school)

  3. Are eligible to instruct student-athletes in the state of Connecticut. (Per background check)

2-2. Active members of the Association and members of the Association's Executive Board shall have one vote on all issues that are presented for vote at the Annual Meeting.

2-3. The following memberships shall have non-voting status.

  1. Associate Members - available to individuals that do not hold a CT Coaching Permit and are not coaching on the high or middle school level. 

  2. Allied Members - May make an application.  Each Allied application is subject to review and approval (by Membership Director) for the following:

  1. Athletic Business Managers 

  2. Athletic Trainers - Certified 

  1. Associate and Allied members have all rights and privileges of membership with the exception of holding any CHSCA elected leadership position and voting on any CHSCA subject/survey/proposal.  Associate members can serve the CHSCA in an appointed position when approved by the Executive Board & Executive Director.

  2. Upon payment of dues, non-voting members are eligible for all such benefits as currently exist, with the exception of the right to hold elected office.

  3. The Executive Board  is designated as the ruling body on eligibility for all membership applications and is empowered to bestow additional honorary memberships as voted.

2-4. A gold membership pass shall be presented to a retired coach who shall have twenty-five (25) or more years of service as a coach. A coach to be so recognized must have been retired for a period of no less than six (6) months. (For the purpose of this award, "retired" shall be defined as not actively teaching, or coaching on a full or part time basis).

2-5. Coaches who are awarded the Gold Membership Pass may be granted life membership in the Association and shall be presented with a CHSCA Gold Membership pass.

2-6. A member may be suspended and/or dismissed from the membership for any offense deemed valid by the Board of Directors. 

The procedure for dismissal shall be as follows:

  1. The charges must be in written form and delivered to the Executive Director fourteen days prior to the next Executive Board meeting.

  2. The Member in question has the right to defend and explain all charges/transgressions to a sub-committee of 5 Executive Board members appointed by the President.

  3. The sub-committee will present their recommendation to the CHSCA Executive Board. The case will be brought before the CHSCA Executive Board at the next meeting for discussion and vote.

  4. Any membership may be suspended by majority vote of the CHSCA Executive Board. The suspended member may appeal directly to the Executive Board for reinstatement at their next regular meeting.


Article III – Dues

3-1. The Budget & Finance committee will recommend annual dues to be approved by the Executive Board. 

3-2. The fiscal and membership year of the CHSCA shall run from August 1, to July 31.

Article IV- Meetings

4-1. There shall be one Annual Meeting of the Association membership each year. This meeting shall be held at the Spring Executive Board meeting and shall be posted in The Connecticut Coach and the CHSCA web site at least two weeks prior to the Annual Meeting. CHSCA members may attend the Annual Meeting. 

4-2. A quorum for the Annual Meeting shall consist of thirty-five (35) voting members representing the Executive Board and/or CHSCA Sports Chairs.

4-3. Special meetings of the Association's membership may be called by the President in an emergency or at the request of the Executive Board. When possible, twenty-four hours notice of the call for any special meeting shall be sent to all Executive Board members. ​


Article V – Officers

5-1. The officers of this CHSCA shall be the President, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President and Past-President. These officers shall be elected during the Annual Meeting of the Association.

5-2. Officers nominated for the Association shall represent various geographic sections of the state whenever possible and shall be active head high school coaches at the time of their election.

5-3. The Executive Director, Treasurer and Secretary shall be appointed by the Executive Board and shall serve for a term of six years. There shall be no limit to the number of terms an individual may serve in these positions.

5-4. Elected officers will serve for one year with the option to serve a second term if approved by a two-thirds vote of the Executive Board.


Article VI – Duties of Officers

6-1. It shall be the duty of the President to preside at all meetings of the Association. The President shall appoint all committees authorized by the CHSCA Bylaws. The President shall be an ex-officio member of all Association committees.  The President and/or designee will represent the CHSCA on all matters internally and externally. 

6-2. The First Vice-President shall perform the duties of the President whenever the president is absent. In the absence of the President and the First Vice-President, the Second Vice-President shall perform the duties of the president. The First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, and Past-President shall each be responsible for a season’s sports committees as assigned by the President on a yearly basis.  When necessary, the President can appoint a designee from the Executive Board.

6-3. The Executive Director shall serve as the executive agent for the CHSCA Executive Board. The Executive Director or their designee shall:

a. assist members of the Executive Board In all official matters

b. with the advice and consent of the Executive Board or the Executive Committee, represented in person or through a designee, the Association in all matters concerning regional and national coaches organizations, CAS-CIAC, CAAD and official agencies of the state and federal governments.

c. it shall be the duty of the Executive Director to maintain all records of the Association, including electronic records of financial reports, minutes of all executive board meetings, CHSCA awards, and membership information. All electronic records shall be stored indefinitely with backup hard copies kept for six years, that are available to CHSCA officers. 

d. meet with all committees as necessary or as prescribed in the Bylaws of this Association.

e. notify all members of the Executive Board and the Executive Committee about the date, time, location and agenda for all meetings.

6-4 The Secretary shall record all minutes of all meetings as required of the Association. The Secretary shall provide correspondence when requested for the good of the Association.  The Secretary will supervise, correspond, and facilitate all membership.  The Bylaws and Code of Ethics shall be made available to the membership by the Secretary.  The responsibilities of the Secretary can be expanded by agreement and request of the Executive Director.

6-5. The Treasurer shall be responsible for all aspects of financial matters of the Association.  The Treasurer shall present for approval a financial report at the annual meeting of the CHSCA. The Treasurer  shall present for approval an annual budget for the upcoming year at the Annual Meeting. The Treasurer will have the responsibility of coordinating with the cooperation of the Event committees, Coach of the Year, Hall of Fame, and All-State dinners.  The responsibilities of the Treasurer can be expanded by agreement and request of the Executive Director.

Article VII – The Executive Board

7-1. The Executive Board of the Association shall be composed of a President, First, Second and Past- Presidents, Executive Director, Treasurer, Secretary, when possible every effort will be given to appoint a  representative from every league, and at-large members.n  The Executive Director, Treasurer, and Secretary shall be non-voting members of the Executive Board.

7-2. It shall be the duty of the Executive Board to assist in carrying out the purposes of the Association,

a. to appoint special committees to supervise all CHSCA-related activities and events;

b. to appoint three members, the President, First Vice-President and Executive Director or designees to the CIAC Board of Control to serve as consultants;

c. to fill any vacancy in the officers of the Association until the next Annual Meeting;

d. One third of the membership of the Executive Board shall constitute a quorum for all meetings of the Executive Board.

e. The Executive Board shall meet in the fall, winter and spring of each year. The President, in consultation with the Executive Director, shall send each member of the Executive Board an agenda prior to the monthly meeting.

f. The minutes of the meetings shall be sent by the Executive Director to Executive Board members and Executive Committee members within two weeks of each meeting. The minutes of Executive Board policy decisions shall be published on the CHSCA Web Site.

g. The Executive Director shall provide all Executive Board members, the names of each member, their respective home address, home phone, cell phone, business phone, e-mail address and school.

7-3. There shall be a Standing Committee of the Executive Board composed of the officers, immediate past president, the executive director, treasurer and secretary. The Standing Committee shall have the powers of the Executive Board to make decisions of an emergency nature between regular meetings of the Executive Board. All such transactions of the standing committee shall be reported in full to the Executive Board at the next regularly scheduled meeting of that body.

7-4 There shall be a standing committee of budget and finance composed of select members from all committees.  This committee shall have the powers to adjust, suspend and/or expand the financial powers of the CHSCA and Executive Director.

Article VIII – Election and Appointments

8-1. The Second Vice-President shall create and chair the annual nominating committee of three people to create a slate of names as the successor to the second vice president prior to the Annual Meeting 

8-2. The President and/or designee will train and educate the CHSCA sport chairs as to their responsibilities in administering their committee. 

8-3. Each year, the President, First Vice-President, in consultation with the Executive Director, create and fill vacancies in the sports committee chairpeople based on established term limits.  These term limits, under special circumstances, may be extended.  

8-4. Within 30 days after the close of each fiscal year, July 31, the Budget and Finance Committee will meet to audit the financial records of the Treasurer. They shall submit an audit report to the Executive Board at the regularly scheduled meeting in October.

8-5. All meetings shall be conducted under Robert's Rules of Parliamentary Procedures. 

8-6 The elected officers, along with the Executive Director will convene to appoint new members to the Executive Board and any standing committees.

8-7 All CHSCA appointments will begin August 1st.

Article IX – Sports Committee Chairs/Members

Each sports committee shall create an advisory committee of membership representative of all leagues and Classes in their sport.

9-1. Sports chairs shall report directly to the First, Second or Past President (Seasonal Liaison) assigned to their season before each sports season begins.  Example, the Fall Seasonal Liaison will meet with all fall sports chairs prior to their season.

9-2. The CHSCA sports committees shall meet sufficiently in advance of their respective CIAC sport committee meeting so that Executive Board approval can be secured for specific proposals. Decisions, which result from CHSCA sports committee activity, must be presented as recommendations by the chair to the Executive Board at regular meetings. Sports chairs may request to meet with the Executive Board at a regularly scheduled meeting for this purpose. Final approval of committee recommendations rests with the Executive Board. It is essential that recommendations made to the CIAC Committees and/or the CIAC Board by its sports committee chairs reflect the thinking of the CHSCA Executive Board. Sports committee chairs shall relay to their coaches a summary of the meeting.  In addition, these reports shall be submitted electronically to the Secretary to be published on the CHSCA Website. 

9-3. The chair of each CHSCA sports committee or designee shall attend the Coaches of the Year and Hall of Fame dinner to honor the recipient of the award in his/her sport.

9-4. The chair of each CHSCA sports committee or a designee shall attend the Annual Meeting (Spring Meeting) and initial meeting of the CHSCA year..

9-5. The chairs of CHSCA sports committees shall submit in writing to the Executive Director accurate information about rules, rules changes, tournament innovations, and achievements and milestones in his/her sport.

9-6. Membership on any CHSCA sport committee is limited to:

  1. Individual coaches must hold a regular CHSCA membership

  2. Individual coaches must be currently coaching at a partner school

  3. Athletic Director members that are not currently coaching can not be a member of a sport committee.

Article X – All-Star Game Chairs

10-1. In sports where there is an All-Star game(s) there shall be an All-Star committee which shall be appointed by that Sports Committee. All-Star chairs report directly to the Sport Chair.

10-2. The chair of each CHSCA All-Star committee shall submit a financial report to the treasurer within thirty days after each all star game. 

10-3. The chairs of All-Star committees may request to attend an Executive Committee meeting to present business that requires action by the Executive Committee.

10-4. The chairs of All-Star Committees shall submit to the executive director accurate information about All-Star events.

Article XI – Budget and Finance, Legislative, Scholarship, and Public Relations and Marketing Committees and Representatives

11-1. The Executive Budget and Finance committee will have sole resonsibility of approving all business operations, operating budgets, investments, and personnel contracts/appropriations of the CHSCA.  They are an stand alone committee of the CHSCA.

11-1A Scholarship and Public Relations and Marketing Committees and Representatives report to the Executive Board  through the Executive Director and perform services for the Association as directed by the Executive Board.

11-2. There shall be committees/representatives, which are appointed by the Executive Director, with the consultation of the Officers,  to perform specific services for the Association. These committees shall report to the Executive Board through the Executive Director. 

11-3. The Executive Director, with the consultation of the Officers, may appoint individuals to serve the Association In performing specific functions, which may include representation of the Association to CAS-CIAC and other appropriate bodies. Such individuals shall report to the Executive Board through the Executive Director.

Article XII – Calendar

12-1. The Executive Director shall present to the Executive Board a calendar of meeting places and dates for the next year by August of the coming academic year.

12-2. The President, in consultation with the Executive Director, shall prepare and present in advance an agenda for each CHSCA Executive Board meeting, each Executive Committee meeting and the Annual Meeting. Policy decision votes may be taken only on items, which appear on the agenda, unless, by a two-thirds vote of members present, this provision is waived.

Article XIII – Minutes of Meetings

13-1. The CHSCA Secretary shall make the minutes of each Executive Board, each Executive Board meeting and the Annual Meeting a permanent part of the Association records which the Executive Director shall maintain.

Article XIV – Committee Reports

14-1. Each sport chair shall submit end of the year report upon request to the Executive Director.  This typically occurs by June 30 of each academic year.

Article XV – Amendments to the CHSCA Bylaws

15-1. Amendments to the Bylaws may be made, if passed by a two-thirds vote of all members present at the Annual Meeting of the Association. Written notice of proposed amendment(s) shall be announced in The Connecticut Coach and/or on the CHSCA Web Site at least thirty (30) days in advance. 

15-2. The Bylaws and Code of Ethics of the Association shall be reviewed no less than every three (3) years by a committee appointed by the President.


Approved 8/18/2021

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