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Joseph J. Fontana

Joseph J. Fontana Distinguished Service Award

The Connecticut High School Coaches Association annually recognizes substantive contributions to Connecticut coaches through the Coaches Association with the Distinguished Service Award. Named for Joseph J. Fontana whose professional life was characterized by excellence in service to Connecticut coaches and high school athletics as CHSCA Executive Director, it is the association’s most prestigious recognition of service by individuals who function outside the CHSCA, CIAC and the NHSACA.  


Joseph J. Fontana Distinguished Service Award, past winners
1966 John Berrill, Creator of Gil Thorpe
1969 John Ruddy, CIAC
1971 Hank O’Donnell, Waterbury-Republican sports editor-columnist
1972 Bob Steele, WTIC Radio
1973 Bill Lee, The Hartford Courant sports editor-columnist
1974 George Ritchie, Wethersfield High School coach--administrator and CIAC official
1975 The Reverend Robert Keating
1976 Samuel Crockett, Windsor Administrator and CIAC- -official
1977 Dick Galiette, Channel 8 sportscaster
1978 William Guthrie, Managing Editor, New Haven Journal-Courier
1979 Walter Akerley, Commissioner of Officials
1980 Thomas Monahan, WVIT TV-Channel 30
1981 Governor William O’Neill
1981 Al Vestro, WATR Radio sportscaster
1982 Dr. William Moore, Central Connecticut State University athletic director
1983 Bohdan Kolinsky, The Hartford Courant assistant sports editor
1983 Ivan Wood, Plainville High School coach, principal and CIAC tournament director
1984 Michael H. Savage, CIAC Executive Director
1985 Fran Poisson, University of Bridgeport athletic director
1986 Bill Detrick, Central Connecticut State University men’s basketball coach
1987 John Toner, University of Connecticut athletic director
1988 Nelson W. Nitchman, U.S. Coast Guard Academy
1990 Dee Rowe, University of Connecticut
1991 Don Russell, Wesleyan University
1992 Owen Canfield, Hartford Courant sports columnist
1993 Tom Drohan, United Technologies Corp.
1994 John Michaels, Michael’s Jewelers
1995 Hal Levy, Shoreline Newspaper
1996 Linda Wooster, Quinnipiac College
1997 Jim Senich, WATR, Waterbury
1998 Governor John Rowland
1999 Jerome Auclair, Southington
2000 Walter “Doc” Hurley, Hartford
2001 Hank Brown, CHSCA
2002 Lew Perkins, University of Connecticut
2003 Mike Mehigen, OPM, State of CT
2004 Jeffrey A. Hathaway, University of Connecticut
2005 Keith Kenyon, North Kingston, RI
2006 John Frank, KeyTech, LLC
2007 Andy Baylock, University of Connecticut
2008 Joe Calvanese, Jr., The Aqua Turf Club
2009 Jack Freeman, Director of Operations, Rentschler Field
2010 Mary McClintock, Avery Heights
2011 Fred Balsamo, CAAD

2012 Paul Hoey, CIAC

2013 Michael Fasulo, Fasulo & Albini, CPAs

2014 John Holt and Joe Zone, Channel 3 WFSB

2015 Joe Aresimowicz, State Representative

2016 Dr. Martin Semmel, Plymouth Public Schools

2017 William O’Brien, National Football Foundation

2018 Larry DuPont, Basketball/Football Official

2019 *Note* Award not presented, due to COVID 19 Pandemic

2020 *Note* Award not presented, due to COVID 19 Pandemic

2021 Derek Miles, Rentschler Field 

2022-23 NONE

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